January 15, 2020 at Annapolis MWA: Fast Drafting For The Not So Speedy Writer

Fast-drafting is a skill many writers will have to use at some point in their careers. It could for a deadline, or NaNoWriMo, or even utilized as a final push to get a stubborn idea fully on the page. In any case, fast drafting is a skill worth developing. We’ll explore practical tips and exercises that a writer can do to train themselves to become a fast-drafter. We’ll share and discuss roadblocks to fast-drafting and brainstorm solutions, including how to turn off that annoying internal editor.

Erin TeaganErin Teagan is the author of the Luciana series, American Girl’s 2018 Girl of the Year, Survivor Girl (July 2019, Clarion), and The Friendship Experiment (HMH 2016). She has a background in science and uses many of her experiences from the lab in her books. She loves sharing the most interesting (and most dangerous and disgusting) parts of science with kids. Erin lives in Virginia with her family, a hound dog named Beaker, and a bunny that thinks he’s a cat. Visit www.erinteagan.com.

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