Gary Garth McCann will be the April 2015 speaker at the Annapolis MWA

Local writer Gary Garth McCann has agreed to speak April 2015. The title of his talk is “Why I Write” Gary says this about his talk:

I’ve collected enough rejections to paper my house. Only a crazy man would keep writing. Or an addict. “Don’t write unless you can’t not write,” said Elie Wiesel.
As drunk as I get on the process of writing, often the result has been like a bad hangover. What can we do to get our stories and novels published? How can we get strangers to read them?

Naval Academy Emeritus Prof. Philip K. Jason recently reviewed Gary’s latest book, The Man Who Asked to Be Killed, for the Washington Independent Review of Books. Quoting briefly from Jason’s review:

In one scene, in which Buddy is held at gunpoint, he encounters a gray-haired man “as suave as a fundraiser.” Such small tough-guy delights pierce the brooding atmosphere of The Man Who Asked to Be Killed, establishing McCann as the innovator of what someday might be known as Maryland Noir.

Gary Garth McCann is the author of the crime noir novel The Man Who Asked to Be Killed, as well as four published short stories, the most recent The Yearbook in Mobius. He has been honored with the Maryland Writers’ Association first prize for suspense/mystery/thriller and first prize for short fiction.

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