(Zoom) May 20, 2020: Nonfiction: The Truth Versus Fiction

Although many people write research papers, reports, or essays in high school and college, nonfiction writers have the challenge of telling fact-based narratives that still ought to be vivid and engaging in order to entice people to read them. Meanwhile, the lines of where historical fiction and stories that are based on a true story can sometimes be blurred. What exactly is nonfiction anyway? Ms. Austin will offer insights about the nonfiction genre including the forms of nonfiction writing, as well as determining the audience and conducting research. Join the author to explore the truth versus fiction of writing non-fiction stories.

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Valarie R. Austin is the author of The Student’s Comprehensive Guide For College & Other Life Lessons. Her book helps high school/college bound students navigate selecting careers, investigating colleges and majors, and preparing for the financial requirements of attending college. From personal experience, Valarie has unique insights into choosing a career and graduating from college. After graduating from the United States Military Academy, she traveled across the globe as a military officer. In that time, she graduated and acquired college degrees from four different schools. Retiring as a lieutenant colonel, Valarie is currently a resident of Maryland and an accomplished speaker who conducts Career & College Readiness Workshops. She also is the Member-At-Large for the Maryland Writers’ Association and a member of Toastmasters.

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