Video – Memorable Songwriting with Edward Sparks

Original Meeting Date: May 19, 2021

Memorable songs don’t write themselves. This week, Edward Sparks, talented musician, songwriter, and maker of fine instruments, will talk about the art of writing songs that speak to the heart. A lot of songs have great instrumentation, musical hooks, vocals, and harmonies, but the lyrics fall flat. Ed believes in lyrics that mean something to the audience: telling a story or conveying a message. He will share his songs and writing process with us and will be happy to take questions from aspiring songwriters. Join us for a rare opportunity to discuss this branch of writing.

Edward Sparks is a musician and songwriter who not only plays guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments, but is also a luthier of extraordinary talent. He plays his full-size instruments in gigs around Maryland while his miniatures have made their way into the Martin Guitar museum in Pennsylvania and into homes of world-renowned musicians. Because all of that is not quite enough, Sparks is a gifted memoirist and videographer. You can learn more on his Facebook page for Pepperland Productions.

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