Your State and Chapter Officers

The new state board was elected on 11 June and began its two-year term on 1 July. We are thrilled to have a well-rounded slate of officers at the state level, and here they are:

President: Eileen Haavik Mcintire
Vice President: Janet Ruck
Secretary: Chip Trimmier
Treasurer: Kimberly Goon
Communications Chair: Rus VanWestervelt
Conference Chair: Jessica Williams
Program Chair: Michelle Markey Butler
Membership Chair: –Vacant–
Publications Chair: Kit O’Neill
Member-at-Large: Flo McCahon
Member-at-Large: Larry Matthews

For the Annapolis chapter, we are very excited to welcome two new officers this year, and we’re looking forward to a vibrant year of discussing, learning about, practicing, and reading lots of great writing! Your chapter officers are:

President & Program Director: Jenny Yacovissi
Secretary: Victoria Clarkson
Treasurer: Linda Wood


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