(Zoom) June 16, 2021 – Writing Behavior & Psychology Accurately with Loriann Oberlin

The process of developing characters can be a complicated one, after all, three-dimensional characters have numerous qualities and experiences that make them unique. Having a firm grasp of the psychology behind a character enables a writer to provide more context to their behavior and depth to their personality. Loriann Oberlin, a licensed clinical professional counselor and blogger for Psychology Today, is an expert on many topics regarding psychology and behavior. She is an accomplished writer, having authored eleven non-fiction books, two novels, and is currently working on a third using her Lauren Monroe pen name for women’s fiction. Loriann has spoken many times about psychology, passive-aggressive behavior, and personality traits. She’ll cover how to use the DSM-5, create your characters’ family of origin, delve into child development and address difficult relationships—topics every writer will find informative and useful in their own creative ventures. Loriann will also talk about the behavior traps we as writers fall into and how to get unstuck from them. She’d love to hear your questions ahead to incorporate, if possible @writingtomakemoney on Facebook.

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Loriann Hoff Oberlin, MS, LCPC is a licensed clinical professional counselor with a private practice offering teletherapy to Maryland residents and with a presence on the Eastern Shore and in Montgomery County, Maryland. She’s also the author of ten non-fiction books regarding relationships, parenting, divorce, and psychological issues as well as writing and working from home. This breadth of material speaks to Ms. Oberlin’s vast life experience. Visit the writing, fiction and book pages particularly at https://loriannoberlin.com/ for more information about Loriann’s writing career.

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